Chemstation Chesapeake hosts Amazing Open House

Chemstation Chesapeake Open House Fall 2015Thursday September 10, 2015 Chemstation Chesapeake hosted an informative and interactive Open House at their state of the art facilities in southern Baltimore City. The occasion also served to mark 25 years of Certified Responsible Distribution for their sister company Maryland Chemical Inc. This year’s event was especially unique due to the inclusion of Baltimore City Fire Department HazMat Unit, featuring a Response Capabilities presentation.

Chemstation Chesapeake is an industry leader in environmentally friendly chemical solutions  and best practices when it comes to servicing its customers. Partnering with an authority on the subject of handling hazardous materials further reinforced its commitment to safety, industry best practices and Responsible Distribution.

President Jeanette Glose Partlow had this to say about the event.

“The Joint Open House was a super opportunity for our neighbors in the Fairfield Industrial Park to get to know one another better and to learn about BCFD’s Hazmat response capabilities.  Already, industry and emergency responders are collaborating on joint training exercises in the future.”
As an added bonus, in addition to tours of both the Baltimore City Fire Department Facility and Maryland Chemical’s state of the art Child’s Street facilities, attendees also got to see a one of kind of presentation with an FBI expert who discussed various scenarios possible when dealing with an “Active Shooter” situation.
The event was well attended, lunch and refreshments in addition to raffle prizes were enjoyed by all.  Find out more about how Chemstation Chesapeake can help you sustainably address your chemical needs by clicking here.