Effective Odor Solution – Presenting Elim-An-Odor

Chemstation Chesapeake Elim-An-OdorChemstation Chesapeake offers Elim-An-Odor

Elim-an-odor is a proprietary solution composed of 3 odor fighting ingredients including fragrance, an encapsulator, and surfactants which make it the best solution for stubborn odors and particularly effective for application in the Industrial, Agricultural and Waste Water Odor control sectors.

Elim-an-odor is a unique, highly effective customized odor solution that is offered exclusively through ChemStation Chesapeake.

It is formulated to the customer’s preference. Currently, we have two scents that are ready-made. If another fragrance is preferred we will gladly formulate to your spec.

This product is available in pails, del drums, drums, totes, and refillable tanks.

To learn more contact us at 410-752-2084 or email us at chemstationchesapeake@mdchem.com